Carina's Bakery

Walk along SW Lombard Ave and you will find Lascala Food Hall. The sweet smells of fresh baked goods will lead the way to Carina’s Bakery. With outdoor seating, an inviting interior, and vegan treats that taste divine -it’s a stop in Downtown Beaverton that you won’t want to miss.

There is a handwritten recipe on the wall of Carina’s Bakery. It’s a special recipe, one that we can all follow, enjoy, and benefit from. After visiting Carina’s Bakery and getting to know Carina herself, I truly feel that this is the recipe she lives by. I’m excited to spotlight Carina’s Bakery this week!

Recipe for Friendship

Recipe for Friendship

Carina grew up in Connecticut before moving to the Pacific Northwest. She grew up baking with her mom who owned a bakery and cafe. Their Christmas tradition was selling 3 cent cookies to neighbors, topping out with a record of 13,000 cookies! Carina’s family of Connecticut-bound Swedes and Irish, instilled qualities of entrepreneurship and work ethic that is evident in everything that Carina does today. Carina’s story is incredible and a true testament to the human spirit.

Carina Comer, Owner of Carina’s Bakery

Carina Comer, Owner of Carina’s Bakery

While attending Pastry School, she came to visit a friend here in Portland and fell in love with the area.  Carina attended grad school at Willamette University. After applying for several jobs, she convinced her family that she wanted to pursue her dreams and open a bakery.  Thanks to those dreams and the support of family, downtown Beaverton has a very unique bakery specializing in baked goods and sandwiches that also happen to be vegan. The walls of Carina’s Bakery are filled with friendship, laughter, strength, and extremely tasty treats.

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When asked what her favorite part of Beaverton is, she said, “everyone is close and wants to help, the downtown still has that old fashioned feel.”  

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With Carina’s Swedish heritage you can usually find her booth at the Nordic Northwest - Midsummer Festival as well as the ScanFair Market. The biggest Nordic Christmas market in the PNW. I first met Carina and her friendly crew at the Midsummer Festival in 2018. Her smile is contagious and her love of what she does shines through. Realizing that the bakery was nestled in the Lascala Building right here in Downtown Beaverton certainly made my heart happy and my tastebuds do a happy dance!

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I asked Carina what her one nugget of advice would be. “As a teenager, I read a book by Dr. Epstein, a neurosurgeon who pioneered life-saving procedures for tumors in children, called If I Get to 5 - the part that I live by is always having something to look forward to and helping someone else at the same time.”  

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Carina’s greatest success is being able to give jobs to visually and mentally impaired individuals. And, then there was the time last year that they made 3000 cookies for Nike - another success for sure.

These ladies will bring a smile to your day! Stop in and say hello to Alexis and Jenny!

These ladies will bring a smile to your day! Stop in and say hello to Alexis and Jenny!

But, what Carina said she loves the most is evident when you walk into Carina’s Bakery and order one of her delicious Swedish inspired vegan treats…”I love making something with my hands that people will enjoy and will bring happiness.

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Keep trying - you’ll never get where you want to go if you give up
— Carina Comer