BiZee Bird Store

One of the best things about Old Town Beaverton is the hidden gems that can be found there - the small, locally-owned businesses that create the special vibe we’ve all come to embrace here in Downtown Beaverton. Bizee Bird Store is one such place. 

Bizee Bird Store

Bizee Bird Store

From the outside, it looks like an adorable home with beautifully-done landscaping, complete with a pond full of brightly-colored fish.  When I stopped in for the first time, I heard “hello” coming from the back of the store so I answered back. It wasn’t until the owner of the store came toward me from the other direction that I realized I had actually just responded to Nah Nah, a very affectionate umbrella cockatoo.

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The store owner and bird aficionado is Beverly. She’s loved birds since she was five years old and has created Bizee Bird using this love and expertise. When asked what her favorite accomplishment is, she says “I am proud of myself because I opened my store without any experience. I just set it up the way I would want it to be if I was shopping here.” 

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First of all, Bizee Birds is a locally- owned boarding facility where you can rest easy knowing your feathered friends are being lovingly cared for when you are on vacation.  You’ll feel secure knowing that Beverly is watching over them as if they were her very own!

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Bizee Bird is more than a boarding facility, though. The shop is very well- stocked with anything that a bird lover would be looking for, from speciality bird foods, unique blends made exclusively at Bizee Bird, toys, accessories, and of course….. birds! 

The best part - as I learned from Beverly - is that most of the food and accessories are less expensive than what you will find on Amazon. True story! 

All your bird supplies right here in the heart of Beaverton

All your bird supplies right here in the heart of Beaverton

As someone who hasn’t had any birds as pets, I have to confess that I really had no reason to stop by Bizee Birds  But after stopping in and getting to know Beverly, I realized that sometimes you don’t really need a reason - that’s the beauty of small businesses in a downtown like ours - connections!  Learning something you didn’t know before you stepped through the doors. When I asked Beverly about her favorite part about downtown, she said it was having all of the other small business around. In fact, her nugget of advice was “Support the little businesses. It is very important to do that. We need them!”

Wouldn’t you agree? 

Toby - Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

Toby - Yellow Naped Amazon Parrot

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Did you know…

Did you know that a parakeet is a parrot? Their correct name is Budgerigar but we also call them a budgie for short. These guys are very smart. The males can be very good talkers and can say long sentences and phrases. The parakeet family is huge with many kinds of parakeets from small to large.

Be sure to check out for more helpful tips and fun bird facts while you shop!

Always treat people the way you want to be treated
— Beverly

Written By: Michelle Barnett

Photography By: Michelle Bauer Photography, LLC