Adventures in Parking

Come along for a little experiment in parking—downtown Beaverton style. 

Remember the last time you drove to downtown Portland and tried to park? Not much fun, is it? I drive a Honda Fit and have received standing ovations for my parallel parking skills, and I still avoid going to downtown Portland because of the parking. Downtown Beaverton has a different story though.

Two businesses, Columbia Bank and dulcederm, have truly embraced the downtown community feel by making their parking lots available to the public after hours. A comprehensive overview of all the parking available in downtown Beaverton is available thanks to the City of Beaverton.

Columbia Bank’s location at one end of the downtown main drag lets you take a leisurely stroll through downtown Beaverton, much like we did on our adventure. dulcederm is conveniently located at the other end of the main drag, so you have options!

Columbia Bank in Downtown Beaverton have provided after hours public parking

Columbia Bank in Downtown Beaverton have provided after hours public parking

Prior to this visit, I hadn’t spent much time in downtown Beaverton, though I live a mile away. We decided to visit on a Saturday night, when you would think parking would be at a premium. To be honest…I had no trouble at all. I also visited the Beaverton Farmer’s Market on a later Saturday and ended up parking in the Columbia Bank lot, which is available all day on the weekends! The walk to the market was only three minutes. Not bad at all!

On our original visit, the plan was to check out one of the destination Korean restaurants down the street—Nak Won or Du Kuh Bee. Turned out everyone else had the same idea. These great restaurants had about an hour wait. We decided to get creative and check out what was just around the corner in the same building. 

This gave us the opportunity to eat at UR, an Arabic restaurant which I already knew was wonderful! We enjoyed some great kabobs, and even had the opportunity to watch Sagad make our food. The restaurant had a cozy, authentic, and homey feel to it. If you haven’t tried UR yet, do yourself a favor and go!

UR Restaurant_Arabic Food in Beaverton


After dinner, we headed up the street a bit, and peeked in on the progress of Syndicate Wine Bar. They will be opening soon, and I can’t wait! Downtown Beaverton is getting its very own wine bar. If you are like me, you can’t wait for their opening sometime this summer, check out their pop-up tasting at BG Food Cartel on Saturday, June 8th from 12pm-2pm. They are also hosting a happy hour at Jan’s Paperbacks June 21st from 4pm-7pm.

We ended our evening up high, appreciating the gorgeous view of Mt. Hood, a unique mural, and the overall inviting atmosphere of downtown Beaverton. 

Beaverton at Sunset


When are you visiting?


Written By: Mariah Welka