crystal heart bookstore

I had my aura photographed and then read and it was much more than I expected; on many levels.


What started at first was that I needed a lead-in for this installment of Business Spotlights. A board member had suggested Crystal Heart Bookstore as a possible business to spotlight - and when I dug a bit deeper I found vastly interesting and unique small business. New Age bookstores - even in the Portland area - are few. A google search revealed 3 retail locations - and for over 25 years, Crystal Heart Bookstore has been filling that need.


Housed in a former typewriter repair and service shop - there was a dumb waiter to take the typewriters upstairs for servicing - Crystal Heart Bookstore is now overflowing with a range of crystals, metaphysics, astrology, Tarot…the list is extensive. Not only do they provide an obviously necessary role within downtown Beaverton’s small business’ (every time I have visited there are people coming and going in a constant stream of patrons) but they also offer aura photography, one of the only places I could find to get this done in the area - or Oregon for that matter. I biked over and got my reading on a Monday recently. The process took about 5 minutes and having a physical print - a Polaroid print in this case - not only left me with the memory, but with something I could share, date and refer to. 
The day I went in for my photograph, Norman doesn’t work. I would have liked to have the picture and reading the same day but I chose to have the photo done first, then scheduled for a reading the following week. When I finally sat down with Norman and produced my aura - I had many preconceptions from trying to do my own online interpretation - I was surprised and intrigued by the reading. To be honest, I had been skeptical of the concept but was in agreement with Norman’s assessment.