Cedar house media

I remember a time when copy  machines were high tech(not color, black and white) and if you wanted to print something, it involved manually laying out and assembling the designs then involving some serious printing machines and quite expensive (and large) equipment. Then came desktop publishing and software capable of showing complex designs on screen that were then printed on laser printers using a full assortment of fonts, colors and the ability to create very sophisticated and professional results.

Jump forward a couple decades and the desktop publishing world has expanded greatly both with technology and the types of equipment available to smaller and medium sized graphics company.

Cedar House Media is one such business. Situated in the heart of downtown Beaverton, Cedar House Media offers a wide range of services - from professional design to high volume business printing. <get a list of a recent machine they have purchased and what it can do>. Owner and founder Cory Burden was has tried to keep up with the pace of change in the industry and the variety of what they can produce is diverse. The BDA was fortunate enough to get some time of his to take a look at their new location, new tools and get some behind the scenes look at what they do - as well as get some insights into what Cory would like from the city and BDA.

What was your background before moving to Beaverton? 

    Worked for Nike from 1994 until 2002

    Professional Musician from 1979 until 1994 

Why did you choose Beaverton? 

    Closer to work (Nike), also better schools were a consideration as we had just welcomed our first child.

What is your favorite thing about downtown and central Beaverton? 

    Still has a small town feel and we are so close to everything we need to get to.

What is your least favorite thing about downtown and central Beaverton? 

Very little parking 

What would you like the City and as an association for us to do in the downtown area.
Lobby the city planners to add parking structures to the old town area in order to accommodate the growing restaurant / retail presence.