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Cedar house media

I remember a time when copy  machines were high tech(not color, black and white) and if you wanted to print something, it involved manually laying out and assembling the designs then involving some serious printing machines and quite expensive (and large) equipment…


crystal heart bookstore

Housed in a former typewriter repair and service shop - there was a dumb waiter to take the typewriters upstairs for servicing - Crystal Heart Bookstore is now overflowing with a range of crystals, metaphysics, astrology, Tarot…the list is extensive. Not only do they provide an obviously necessary role within downtown Beaverton’s small business’ (every time I have visited there are people coming and going in a constant stream of patrons) but they also offer aura photography, one of the only places I could find to get this done in the area - or Oregon for that matter.


ayman’s barber shop

57 years later and 3 owners since, Ayman’s is a strong reminder of downtown Beaverton’s vibrancy and diversity - as well as excellent barber shop and an expanding business (Ayman’s is planning on adding a third chair and barber). After more than 27 years of barbering, Ayman see’s the potential in Beaverton and the Beaverton area. Already the increased population in the Portland metro area has impacted his business in a positive way.