ayma n’s barbershop


When OT Milsap was 5 years old his father took him to get his first grown-up haircut  from Mr Susbauer on Broadway in downtown Beaverton; that was in 1955. Today, sporting its original barber pole, that same shop is still going strong and adding to downtown Beaverton’s diversity. Ayman’s barbershop continues the tradition in the same spot OT had his first haircut over 60 years ago.


OT Milsap remembers "Beaverton was a perfect slice of America growing up here. Downtown was small, people knew each other and the community was really just a sleepy little town”

Since then, Beaverton has transformed itself from a sleepy town to the center of the Silicon Forest and now, as a vibrant and independent city separate

from Portland 8 miles to the East. Beaverton’s unique history, cultural makeup and emerging nightlife and dining - along with diverse, local businesses, are making downtown Beaverton a rich and vibrant community.

57 years later and 3 owners since, Ayman’s is a strong reminder of downtown Beaverton’s vibrancy and diversity - as well as excellent barber shop and an expanding business (Ayman’s is planning on adding a third chair and barber). After more than 27 years of barbering, Ayman see’s the potential in Beaverton and the Beaverton area. Already the increased population in the Portland metro area has impacted his business in a positive way.


What was your background before moving to Beaverton? 

I was living in West Linn and my wife worked in Beaverton.  That is how we first came to know of the area.  We liked the fact that it is a family centered city with many shops restaurants and local businesses.  This is something that was lacking greatly in West Linn at the time we were living there. 

Why did you choose Beaverton?

We loved Beaverton right away due to its location.  It's only 40 minutes to downtown Portland.  Nike and intel are here meaning it's a great place to buy real estate and own a business.  It provides all of this while still feeling like a small town neighborhood that cares about family and taking care of our neighbors.

What is your least favorite thing about downtown and central Beaverton? 

My least favorite aspect of downtown Beaverton is the lack of parking.  A lot of people complain about not being able to find a spot to park or are not comfortable with street parking.

What is your favorite thing about downtown and central Beaverton?

I like how there are always new developments in the area like the new buildings by DQ and the addition of the food carts.  I also really love the various events held in downtown Beaverton.  They attract lots of people to the area while helping to maintain strong ties between the business owners and Beaverton residents.  It gives us a chance to sit back, relax, and get to know each other better.

What would you like the City and as an association for us to do in the downtown area?

The main concern is the parking.  If the city can find a space and build a parking structure like in downtown Portland, it will bring more people to the area.  Also last year there were several car break ins on our street at night.  This is another reason people don't like street parking.